Know the right people… To get the right decision

Knowing the right people is the key to a successful business relationship. When you know whom to approach for a specific task, be it hiring or sales, you get a prompt decision, saving your time and efforts. This process can only be made efficient if you have the right information, and we hold that for you. We provide the critical information on personnel and companies, letting you build relationships and ensuring your corporate success.

At Citrus Konsulting we pride ourselves in holding a rich database, flexible and customizable to your business requirements. Our personnel database has not only email address information, but also carried the full profile with position titles. Hence, approaching directors, CEOs, CFOs and GMs is only a click away! Our email database is reliable, secure and has accurate information on both personnel and companies.

Our database can be employed by:

  • Recruitment departments/firms – Businesses and recruitment agencies can use our database to approach the best candidates through the personal contact information available
  • Marketing departments/firms – Business can employ our database for email marketing and promotions to personnel as well as the companies. By using our database they can market their product or service to a targeted niche, hence saving considerable cost.

The benefits of employing our database are:

  • Information on both personnel and companies
  • Accurate targeting of customers
  • Easy approach to candidates for hiring purposes
  • Cost saving on bulk emailing
  • Access to information on decision makers (CFOs, CEOs, GMs)
  • Accurate and up-to-date data