We are good at hiring…. You can be too!

Success of any organization cannot be attributed only to its products or services. An organization’s human capital has a major role to play in its success. To attract and then retain the best talent is not only an intimidating task but a costly one too. Many organizations are dependent for their success, on their recruitment staff, as the best workers are essential not only to get the job done but also to cut cost.

Though it is said that “every good thing comes with a price???; however here at Citrus Konsulting we provide you an opportunity to enrich your human capital with the best possible personnel without paying the due “price???.

How we do it?

Our vast industry experience and time-tested strategies not only attains the best talent available in the market, but we also guarantee that it is done at a lower cost than you would have incurred. In an outsourced recruiting, results matter the most. Therefore, we have devised a strategy to streamline the recruiting process. The process can be broken down in the following steps:

We provide this opportunity in the following two packages:
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) 

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is revolutionizing the recruiting industry by providing measurable and flexible hiring solutions at a lower cost than in-house hiring. In short, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is substantially enhancing the percentage of quality hiring while lowering the costs considerably. In turn, it reduces the turnover rate significantly, adding further to efficiency by saving the cost and time spent on re-hiring and training.

As our RPO client, we become your recruiting department. You can hand over the overall recruitment process to us or can have our recruiters be a part of your organization. If you have our recruiters as an extension of your corporate recruitment department, you have the advantage of capitalizing on their industry knowledge and recruitment experience, while still keeping the hiring decision in your hands.

Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (ORPO)

Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (ORPO) is a trend that is fast changing the face of RPO industry. An ORPO is a firm that takes up the recruiting process of staffing/recruiting firms that are offshore. An ORPO offers an offshore recruitment firm with the advantage of starting operation immediately, without the hassle of setting up the whole infrastructure and filling up the legal formalities. Also, it saves their time and cost of setting up the business and training the recruiters.

The following business can employ our ORPO services:

  • Staffing/ recruitment firms
  • Recruitment firms looking for recruiters on temporary, contract or permanent basis
  • Recruitment firms based in US, UK, Australia, Middle East and Saudi Arabia, aspiring to expand or outsource their business