Take your business to the next level. Leave the petty jobs to us!

How many hours do you spend in a day, doing tasks that someone else should have done? How many times do you wonder how this time could’ve been spent better – maybe pursuing another client, exploring a new market or developing a new product? 

At Citrus Konsulting, we take care of just that. We give you the luxury of having someone else professionally and efficiently take care of the small jobs, while you use your time and money doing something more productive. We provide full-scale services – from planning to execution – for your staffing and digital marketing operations.  

The core functions of services provided by Citrus Konsulting are:

Understanding client requirements, vetting database, identifying markets/candidate profiles to match requirements and setting up deadlines.

Devising the strategy for execution by deploying a step-by-step process. Setting clear targets, and defragmenting core tasks into simpler, flexible and constantly evolving steps.

Employing our rich database and experienced staff to execute the planned strategy for either recruitment or digital marketing.

Evaluating and assessing quality of the service provided. Quantifying results and presenting measurements and analyses reports to the client.